Talking to Machines Lyrics

Here are the lyrics from our song Talking to Machines. All copyrights are from us.

A lobby full of people

all are full of hope

where everybody thinks

he is the best

where talent and ego meet

technicians and phonies

a few musicians

but in all it’s all about the money

Hardly anyone of us will ever make it

be known beyond the city limits

will never win a competion

but everyone has to mark his territory

None of us will be famous

a fact that everyone ignores

it´s much easier to win the lottery

than to be a resident DJ

Talking about cooperation

make yourself big

makeing something up out of thin air

take pictures for the network

Text messages flying across the room

Hardly no one speaks

everyone read, write, tweet

So that at least one computer remembers you

because – it’s computer music

uploaded, archived for computers

Check iPhone, read emails, write a blog

Ask how many people were there

how many men

how many women

a question to which no one has an answer

They communicated

but not with people

with machines

talking to machines

talking to machines

talking to machines

talking to machines

no one speaks





to machines

no one speaks

to machines

to machines


to machines

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