Save Money as a DJ

Save Money as a DJ

You are a DJ. you need new music. The big question:

how do I get cool new music as a DJ without spending a lot of money

So. Buy your music as compilations. And you get up to 40 songs for a fraction of the money. Here are some compilations on stretch we are represented

Various Artists – Crossing Electronic Music, Vol. 2 (Rehabilitation Productions)
ID: 10182475
EAN: 4061707464249

Various Artists – Electronicamente, Vol. 2 (Rehabilitation Productions)
ID: 10182521
EAN: 4061707464669

Various Artists – Electrolyzed: Electronic’s Finest Newcomers (Electro Babes)
ID: 10168195
EAN: 4061707598050

Various Artists – Crossing Electronic Music, Vol. 1
(Rehabilitation Productions )
ID: 10174383
EAN: 4061707385162

Various Artists – Week-End Electronique, Vol. 1
(Rehabilitation Productions )
ID: 10180115
EAN: 4061707441387

Various Artists – Electronicamente, Vol. 1
(Rehabilitation Productions )
ID: 10174361
EAN: 4061707384936

Various Artists – Press Play: Minimal to Vocal House (Minli Music New York)
ID: 10163990
EAN: 4061707285561

Various Artists – Shamballah Deep (Everlasting Sensation)
ID: 10163055
EAN: 4061707276477

Various Artists – Techno Playlist (Technosforza)
ID: 10163636
EAN: 4061707282089

Various Artists – Deep House – In the Mix (Dance All Ways Digital)
ID: 10163191
EAN: 4061707277733

Various Artists – House Diversity (Final House Rec. (Spain))
ID: 10163640
EAN: 4061707282126

Various Artists – Minimal Maximal, Vol. 4 (Muenchen)
ID: 10137432
EAN: 4061707041198

Various Artists – Lovers of All House Music (Domestic Division)
ID: 10163601
EAN: 4061707281747

Various Artists – When House Goes Deep (Deep House Amigo (Detroit))
ID: 10162651
EAN: 4061707272431

Various Artists – Tropical Dance Jam (Feiyr Compilation)
ID: 10162201
EAN: 4061707268007

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