Save Money as a DJ – Part 2

Save Money as a DJ – Part 2

You are a DJ. you need new music. The big question:

how do I get cool new music as a DJ without spending a lot of money

So. Buy your music as compilations. And you get up to 40 songs for a fraction of the money. Here are some compilations on stretch we are represented

Various Artists – Deep Forest Techno


ID: 10168450
EAN: 4061707327520

Various Artists – Techno Manifesto

(Azurro Dancea Recordings)
ID: 10168591
EAN: 4061707328916

Various Artists – Circles of Jazz

(Alternative Tunes)
ID: 10200004
EAN: 4061707637131

Various Artists – Onion Yieldion

(Rehabilitation Productions)
ID: 10197693
EAN: 4061707614828

Various Artists – Week-End Electronique, Vol. 2
(Rehabilitation Productions)
ID: 10191967
EAN: 4061707557620

Various Artists – New Reality (BE52 Records)
ID: 10179253
EAN: 4061707433122

Various Artists – Deep & Beautiful (flowtek)
ID: 10180291
EAN: 4061707443152

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